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24th September 2017
Available soon ..RARE original Machine Gun accessories that require NO licensing !!! WW1 ,. WW2 and Cold War to Modern Era !!
Now Available  -
MAG 58 Machine Gun Replica
( supplied in undercoat grey)
Aluminium laser cut receiver side plates, resin barrel, gas tube, feedcover, rear sight , grip and butt assembly with a authentically reproduced metal folding bipod and a real modified Bren Gun carry handle
$ 1350.00 plus $ 75.00 freight

M19189A2 Browning Automatic Rifle
( supplied in grey undercoat)
Authentic replica polyurethane resin receiver, trigger housing and removable resin BAR 20 round magazine.
Aluminum turned barrel, gas tube and regulator. 
Repro rear sight with folding leaf sight
ALL other parts are original parts -  Butt stock with all metal work, front hand guard , front sight hood, flash hider and bipod assembly 
M1918A2 with original Bipod $ 1600.00 plus $ 75.00 freight
M1918A2 with NO Bipod or Carry Handle  ( standard infantry version )
$ 1150.00  plus $ 75.00 freight
Extra Magazine $ 90.00 each 

FP-45 Liberator Resistance / Survival  Pistol replica 
Solid resin with steel trigger guard - EXCELLENT display piece.
$ 85.00 plus $ 10.00 Post (  INERT .45 cal round NOT included )
This is replica needs no license in Queensland, SA  and WA other states 
require license / permit

ALL modern Replica pistols NOW $ 235.00 plus $ 15.00 EXPRESS POST
1. Artillery Luger 2. Naval Luger - wood grips
3. Naval Luger - black grips 4. Standard Luger - black grips
5. Standard Luger - wood grips

1. Broomhandle Mauser- wood grips 2. Colt 1911 - wood grips
3. Russian Makarove 4. Walther P38 5. Webley Revolver

1. Beretta 92 2. Browning 9mm Hi Power
3. DESERT EAGLE - SUPER SPECIAL $ 130 each posted  - only cock and click removable mag - NO moving slide ( this special price is for the Desert Eagle ONLY )
FLINT LOCKS - LOT 1 ( ABOVE ) ...please quote number next to pistol
and LOT 1 - $ 110.00 each includes post

FLINT LOCKS LOT 2 ( ABOVE ) please quote number next to pistol and LOT 2
$ 110.00 each includes post
Black , silver and dual tone finish available 
$ 235.00 each includes post
Timber , cast metal , plastic and string removable powder and ball ramms
38 cm LONG - Barrel 19.5 CM LONG $ 240.00 posted

Cast metal, timber . string etc 
Lenght 28 cm , barrrel 25.5 cm $ 165.00 posted
full size - takes the red ring caps ... ( not included)
$ 145.00 plus post 

Replica M79 Grenade Launcher -

resin molded butt, receiver  and hand guard off a real M79  .
Folding resin rear sight ( with reinforcing )
hollow barrel , metal sling swivels and trigger guard ...NO moving parts except rear sight
* NO License required in Queensland
40mm replica rounds not included ..available seperately
$ 995.00 plus $ 50.00 freight - Made to order

( reproduction)
* Original RPG Optic sight will be either Soviet or Chinese manufacture depending on what is available
* NOTE - RPG 7 is designed as a visual training aid / museum display piece ...they are NOT indestructible and not designed for rigorous field use
Replica Tokerov Pistol - solid resin - NO MOVING PARTS
$ 100.00 each plus $ 12.00 post



Many of the items on my website require a current firearm license, imitation firearm licence/permit, collectors license, prohibited weapon permit or an exemption from your state firearms registry or branch. It  will be confirmed that you have the necessary licence or permit.
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